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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Considerations of Cataracts

The other day I went for the regular checkup on my eyes.   I got a very good report on the glaucoma.   The pressure in both eyes is down to 10, and the doctor said it didn't need to go any lower than that.   But the cataracts are another matter.   He had been leaving it up to me to say how bad they were getting, and it just so happened that during the drive to his office that morning, I started taking special note of how I couldn't read any road signs until I was right up on them.   This is okay as long as I stay around here but if I ever had to drive to some strange place, I could be in trouble.  And I decided that since I'm getting tired of having everything looking as if there's a big brush fire burning just a couple of miles away, this time I would tell the doctor that maybe we should finally start thinking about it.

So day after tomorrow I have to go back so that the other doctor from Lynchburg can take a look.   He's the one that did the laser ops on my eyes for the glaucoma.

I am told that though it has to be done in a hospital, because of the need for a sterile environment, this cataract operation only takes about 20 minutes and has become pretty routine, and the results are such that afterward most people say that they are sorry they didn't have it sooner.   Still, I'm daunted by the idea of somebody slicing into both my eyeballs, taking out the lenses I was born with, and inserting new glass or plastic ones, even while I keep thinking how great it would be for my vision to be suddenly much clearer again.

Before I go to see Dr. S., I'm trying to get myself together enough to call M., a lady that I've known for a long time and who had this operation a while back, with great success.   She's already given me a full rundown on it, but that was three or more years ago, and I've forgotten the details.   I am sure she will be quite happy to go over it with me all over again.  She is that kind of a woman.


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