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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big Anniversay Day

Today my wife and I celebrate, quietly, our wedding anniversary.  We were married exactly 46 years ago, in 1965.   She was 22 and I was 35.  It was the first marriage for both of us, and there things have stayed ever since.

But long before that, September 11 was also the birthday of my only sibling, my sister, Winifred.  Younger than me by little over a year, in her later years she was badly beset by several illnesses, and she didn't quite make it to age 70, leaving us in January of 2002.

That means, however, that she was around for several months right after the events in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania of 9/11, and she was badly drugged out by the coincidence of the dates.

For that and a great many other larger reasons, other than noting it in passing, I do not observe the anniversary of that day of the deaths of so many innocent people, plus the still never satisfactorily explained instant demolitions of those towers that, in their out of control grandiosity and their nondescript design that took no mental effort to conceive -- they need only to have seen Stanley Kubrick's movie, "2002" -- I see no reason for those twin monstrosities to be missed.

But those are not the worst aspects of 9/11, for I also think that the dead and the destruction were vastly dishonored by the measures that were taken in response by the administration that was then in charge of the U.S. Government.   In very short order that administration's reactions, in which utter bile completely displaced any vestige of simple intelligence, severely damaged not only the U.S. but also several other countries, especially Iraq, in ways that dwarfed the immediate catastrophe wrought by those four airliners and their suicide hijackers.  And even worse, that damage, wrought not by Islamist foreigners but instead by home, supposed Christians, is still having gangrenous effects on the American psyche, brought about by people who claim to be acting in the best interests of the country but are actually doing just the opposite.  Yet they will be in the vanguard of those bringing flowers today in memory of the dead, when actually they should never have any business going anywhere near the sites of those several impacts of that day 10 years ago.


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