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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sadly Doomed Venture -- the President's Jobs Speech

This evening B. Obama is slated to give a speech that is supposed to be intended to enlist Congress' help in "creating jobs."   But that will be a futile exercise, on several fronts.

   One is that everything he will say seems to have been already reported, and also already dismissed,  so great has the racial hatred escalated over the mere idea of him being in office.

Furthermore I thought it had already been well established that chief executives by themselves can do little to create jobs, whether in a state or in the country as a whole.  At best he can only try to create a climate in which hopefully more jobs will be created, but the jobs will be created not by him but by businesses.  They are the ones that create jobs and hire people to fill them, while presidents and governors can only hire people to fill government posts that in large part have already been created long before they came into office.   A chief executive can and will take credit for any jobs added elsewhere during his time in office, or suffer for the lack of that having been done, and that is what is happening with the R. Perry guy right now, and with B. Obama.

Still another sign anticipating the ultimate futility of what the President is about to try to do tonight can be seen in the "clever" filip that has been added to so many of the media reports on this upcoming speech, and that is to say that Obama is trying to save jobs -- including his own.   This kind of thing is said so often and with such glee that it's easy to see how many in the country have come to think of the bad jobs situation not at all out of any consideration for the many unfortunates who so desperately need and are searching for a job.   No.  It's as if that large number of one's fellow Americans doesn't even exist.  Instead everything about the need for more jobs has come to be thought of purely in terms of the all-consuming desire to drive B. Obama out of the Oval Office as soon as possible, even though he's been a giant when compared, say, to the tiny but deadly succubus that immediately preceded him in the post.

Therefore it follows beyond any shadow of a doubt that for the next year or so, the Republican Congressmen will do everything in their power to prevent any climate from coming into being in which jobs can conceivably be created, because a new chapter has been added to their Holy Bible, saying  that the fewer jobs created, the less chance there will be of Obama being reelected.  Therefore, as the truest embodiments of that hatred of which I just spoke, of the Republican Congressmen -- who are the majority in the House and nearly so in the Senate -- some will not be physically present to hear Obama's speech, others who will be there will not listen to what he has to say, and absolutely none will go along with any of his requests.   But we can expect to hear a loud boo or two -- a formerly ungentlemanly and unprecedented thing to do whenever a President speaks to Congress, but now, since Obama took office, is permitted.


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