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Monday, September 05, 2011

God and the Burning of Texas

A great deal of the state of Texas continues to burn, in the way of wild fires, excessive heat, and drought.   But right along its eastern border a rain-heavy weather disturbance called "Lee" (after the Confederate general, no doubt) is ambling by while "perversely" refusing to favor Texas with more than a few drops.   Meanwhile its governor, R. Perry, is in the thick of running for President, during which he misses no chance to glorify all the good things he claims to have done for his state.   One of those deeds was to make a big thing of praying for rain a few weeks ago, but that also came to naught.   Does this mean that God, whose close partners Perry and those on his side claim to be, conversely doesn't care for them at all, or does it mean that there is no God?   This is something that those guys have to decide, though they will settle for blaming it all on the so-called "black" fellow sitting in the Oval office.

The irony is that those guys refer so many of the ills of the world to this man that it suggests that they have in fact, without realizing it, started to confuse B. Obama with God. 


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