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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Being So Canada

In one of the first episodes of the TV series "Southland," the Los Angeles detectives use the term "Canada" in a derogatory way.   If someone is charged with being "Canada," it seems to mean being soft on crime, or maybe just soft in general, such as in lifestyle.  But as they are the ones openly wielding the guns, these characters can afford to be contemptuous or oblivious of the way that, long before its founding, Canada has been a place of refuge from wrongs committed in its much more unruly southern neighbor.

This summer that Canada thing has been showing itself in that country's biggest city in a unique and whimsical way that would probably have long since gone awry in most other places.

In the last three months one  man has been going around Toronto robbing banks at his leisure and all on his own.   So far he has been successful in hitting 15 banks without incident, even though the police know exactly what he looks like, for he wears no mask or disguise of any kind.   He simply goes up to a window, informs the teller that he has a gun, and asks for money.   In only one of those robberies has a gun ever been seen.   The teller hands over the cash, and the man walks out, and that's that.

There must be several reasons for his success so far.   One is the lack of noise and violence of any kind.   Just the brief mention of a gun and that's it.  Another is the fact that he's not greedy, aside from going to so many banks, because he only goes to one window in each place.   Another reason must be -- and the photos taken by the surveillance cameras show it -- his air of total relaxation and aplomb.   And still another is that the banks don't seem to get too worked up because they probably appreciate the way that he keeps everything in a very low key.   Also most likely he doesn't exactly clean up, though how much he's gotten is being kept a secret, with the statement only that serial bank robbers usually don't get big hauls.

But the main reason for his being able to pull this off without raising any great outcry must be the challenge.   I'm sure that the city police are hoping to be no less subtle and casual in nabbing him than he is while doing his thing, because after all, this is Canada.

The police claim to be certain they will get him.   I'm not so sure.   In fact, I would say that anybody that can carry this off is also savvy enough to call it a day and totally disappear, never to be seen again, no matter how much or how little he's gotten.

Let's see what happens.   We may never find out.   But in any case I think it would make a great episode in a TV crime series, though the people that make those things usually get too caught up in their formulas to appreciate something like this.


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