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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More on the Quake, Leading into Other Things

Wife was in the county seat, 14 miles north of here, doing some campaign drudge work with envelopes, addresses, and that kind of stuff, when the quake yesterday shook the building.   The ramrod lady instantly told her workers to vacate the premises, an ancient brick structure, and thus exactly duplicating what they did at the massive granite FBI headquarters in D.C., 160 miles northeast of here.

Without being prompted, wife had exactly the same impression as K. and I, of the way it had sounded, of a big truck lolopping down the street.

It is being called the "Virginia Quake" because the epicenter turned out to be scarcely more than 65 miles northeast of our house, a supposedly shallow 3.7 miles under a place called "Mineral," through which I think I used to take shortcuts when I was commuting back and forth from D.C. while nailing together my house here.   But the tremor was felt from far south of here to all the way up into New England, as well as on out into the Midwest, though the totally negligible effects -- a few losses of cellphone capability and that's all -- were exactly the same all over as it was here.

Long and painful experience with the kind caused me to lose no time in wondering how all the anti-Obamarers were going to blame the earthquake on him, and finally decided that, because so many of those people are quasi-religious and therefore are not expected to make any sense, they would whisper to each other something like, "See?   This is what happens when they let a kneegah become the U.S. President.   It made God angry."

This isn't far-fetched at all, for today in hardly no time reading online, I chanced upon a statement by someone who indeed found it extremely amusing and clever to say that it was proper and fitting that it happened in the Obama era, because by extending over such a large area, the quake spread out its effects instead of concentrating it -- a variation of the frequent charge that he is a Socialist.   I forgot who said it, though I think it was someone named "Thoreau."   Not of course the Walden Pond Henry guy, or the French painter of the peaceable animals.   I think they both would have had far more cool. 


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