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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heritage and the Heat Wave

The two big news items these days are the struggle to increase the debt ceiling and the hot weather.  Well, plus also the determinations that scientists have just made that people in most areas of the world are carrying Neanderthal blood, genes, DNA, frames of mind, or whatever.  Only the people in sub-Sahara Africa are not carrying Neanderthal heritage.

Given the way that Neanderthals have been maligned ever since some of their skulls were first found, I don't expect this to be a popular conclusion.

I always thought the Neanderthals were cool myself, dealing with the Ice Age and all that kind of stuff in Europe and Russia.  Especially the ones that you could see on the Discovery channels.

I've been waiting with interest to see what those who are vying to be the Republican candidate for President will have to say about this.   So far there's been nothing, and in any case, it probably just means they will draw the transparent plastic sheeting of religion even tighter around their naked bodies and their deprived souls, while saying, "Science?   Who cares what the scientists say?"

Yeah.   Who cares what the scientists say, especially all the warnings they make about global warming.   Yes, not when right now better than half the U.S. is in the grip of 100-degree days, with every prospect of a lot more of that to come.  Who cares?


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