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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Added Remarks

Added remarks about the so-called "U.S. National Debt:"  In whose name and on whose behalf was such a stupendous sum as fourteen (14) trillion dollars so stupidly borrowed?  And were interest rates taken into account and amortization tables studied?   Of course, it is well-known that the U.S. has its share of stupid people, but this is going some.

And anyway, does an amount that large even exist anywhere in the world?   I mean all at one time, and in a form that can be seen and touched, as distinguished from ones and zeroes on computers, or in some other form that has real value, since value is such a relative thing?   For instance, I would not spend a dime for all the skyscrapers in New York City, or for all the diamonds in South Africa for that matter, because they are of no value to me personally and would be way too much trouble if they were in my hands.   But a good screwdriver, or a hammer, or a computer motherboard, or food to eat - those are things of real worth.
But maybe here, hopefully, it's only a matter of money valuations differing from one place to another, so that billions in one country could be seen as being equal only to pfennigs in another.  There has to be a rational explanation for all this, because "Oops!" is not the right answer to owing 14 tril.


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