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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drivers License Renewal

Yesterday morning wife drove me down to Lynchburg to get my driver's license renewed.  Because such a thing is always on the traumatic side for me, a month ago I tried to make things easier for myself.   I wasn't totally confident about my sight.   I can see just about everything I want to see, except the birds sitting in the trees, but still things tend to be slightly murky, especially in bright daylight.  It's great inside, though I'm beginning to wonder why book publishers are so stingy with the ink and the size of the print.   So I went for a complete eye examination at my eye doctor, and he gave me a slip that I could give to the DMV people, so that I wouldn't have to be examined there.   I am still haunted by how when I got my first drivers license, at the age of 32, in 1963, I failed it twice before finally passing, not because I couldn't steer or park but because of nerves.   This galled me because they were the first and so far the only tests I have ever failed.

Wife arranged to get herself and me down there at the best possible time, exactly in midmonth and in the early morning, and I zipped right on through and was only at the DMV for about 10 minutes tops.   So now, in the mail, I will get a new license, and just in time, too, because I only had a month and a half to go before my birthday came up and my old one would have expired..

 And now guess what?   My new license won't expire till 2019.  That's right.  Twenty nineteen!    That is eight years from now!   I have that long before I will need to start worrying about it again!

And where will I be in 8 years?. Well, there's a good chance that it won't be on the road.   Not very much anyhow, despite our neighbors across the road, K. and L., who, on hearing this, said that in 2017 they will start casting a wary eye out for me behind the wheel. 

Even right now I drive so little that if you needed my total mileage per year to get to the next big city, you wouldn't have enough to get there,  even -- almost-- if you were already in the nearest big city.


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