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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Truncation Follies

The BBC News writers are at it yet again.

When I saw their link this morning that read: "Chinese execute hit-and-run killer," I thought, Wow!  The Chinese can really get serious about things!   But then I read the story, and it quickly turned out that it wasn't a hit-and-run case in the ordinary sense of the term.   Usually the driver never gets out of his car and instead just keeps on going.   But in this incident the driver saw the woman whom he had knocked off her bicycle busy writing down his tag number and such, and fearing that she would use that to turn him in, he lost it completely, jumped out of his car, and stabbed her to death.   Only then did he leave, which made it much more of a regular murder.

So hit and run drivers in the U.S. can breathe easier . . .for the time being.


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