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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Blogger Glitch

I like to write my posts on Blogger, because it saves my posts every minute, and so there's never a danger of losing one -- an unspeakable disaster that is going to happen sooner or later on Wordpad.  But lately, if I take too long writing a post, Blogger has taken to forcing the computer on which I like to write posts to take a "memory dump" -- a blue screen of death (I'm using XP) that freezes the computer so completely that I have to use the on-off switch on the power supply to turn the machine off and then back on.

I can't remember if it does this while I'm using a word processor.  I think it's just during Blogger.

But I can't start writing posts with the time on my mind. That would be too much like playing blitz chess, an activity that I could once do with ease but now has drawn pretty much beyond my abilities.


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