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Friday, May 27, 2011

Linkage of the Unholies

In his speech a few days ago, in which he expressed the iron will of the misfits who have carjacked the current leadership of the Israeli government (just as has sometimes happened in the U.S., most recently from 2000 thru 2008) to have Israel continue to be a giant bugbear forever and a day for all its neighbors, into whose midst the present version of that country parachuted a mere 62 years ago, it is reported that B.Netanyahu, ostensibly the prime minister of Israel, received twenty-nine (29) standing ovations from the U.S. Congress.

The only significant thing about this is that it shows that Mark Twain's dictum of over 100 years ago, that Congress is the only true criminal class in America, has never been more on the mark.

Still, this should remind us that Netanyahu's forebears could never have received that kind of response from the ancestors of most of those men and women.

Now that Israel has adopted, wholesale, the aparthate policies that were practiced so widely and over a couple of centuries in the U.S. under other names, not to mention in Germany in the 1930's, Congressional men and women can fall all over the deliverer of such a speech and his confederates with apparent accolades of all sorts, because Netanyahu convinced the Congress that the present Israeli leadership is cut out of the same cloth as the great (I mean that sarcastically) American throwbacks of the past.

I say “apparent,” because who knows how sincere this unholy linkage of arms is, and how long it can last?


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