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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Most Dangerous Thing

The 20-year-old Kenyan who won the marathon in the most recent Olympics is already dead, supposedly after trying to escape from a room into which he had been locked by his irate wife after she discovered him in bed with another woman.   He jumped off a balcony but failed to hit the ground running.

At nearly the same moment the middle-aged Frenchman who is head of the International Monetary Fund, an organization that for many years has made many nations quake in their boots as they struggled to free themselves from crushing financial burdens, was charged with sexually assaulting a female worker in a hotel, and he was hauled off a plane and now he's been taken unceremoniously to a notorious offal hole of a New York prison called Riker's Island.

Reports like this are the stuff of "news" all over the world, and they help show that a person can get into trouble, and of a long-lasting kind, because of sex quicker than he can because of race, nationalism, hard drugs, greed, creeds, religion, ignorance, or any of the other big ills of the world.

Maybe the reader has put this together when he takes into account the experiences of just his relatives, his friends, and his neighbors.   And this trouble is always with other humans and rarely if at all with bacteria, butterflies, bears, the Moon, or anything else in the universe.

This situation is not helped by the thousands and thousands of sexual taboos that have arisen over the ages and are still going strong, since time and greater understanding does little to lessen or to remove them, so that they keep right on putting severe and senseless constraints on nearly every society all over the world.

Isn't it strange, then, that this is nevertheless a sex-ridden world, and sex is the biggest panacea besides drink that is always turned to, to relieve people of the pains of all the other ills.

It looks as if what the world needs most is a good placebo.   Anything that grows in a flower pot instead of between the juncture of the legs will do for starters.


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