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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trump, Short for "Trash Dump"

This morning I was thinking about D. Trump and all the attention he's been getting, especially because of noises about him being a Teapublican candidate for President. I was thinking about how you never hear anything about him that isn't trashy, and that he is in effect a walking trash dump. And then it popped into my head how neatly his last name can be seen as a shortening of the words "trash dump," and that he seems to have taken that circumstance seriously, because he personifies that kind of refuse site so vividly. And it is all the more apt because with a singular application of ego sickness, he attaches his name to each and everything that he tries to sell, and apparently a lot of people buy these things, most recently and most painfully the ridiculous idea that he, more than anyone else, would be suitable to preside over this country, starting next year.

No other sign of the general degradation of the political situation in this country can be imagined, on the right wing side that is.

It was said that in running up those first truly huge national debts that the country had thus far encountered, R. Reagan nearly bankrupted the U.S. while preparing for nuclear war. Since it is to his long sashay through Bankuptcy Country that D. Trump owes most of his notoriety, maybe that is why so many of the badly mistaken think that he could be a credible candidate.

All the more reason for those prayers that go, "God help this country!"


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