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Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World -- Again

Someone whose name is not worth repeating has made the latest somehow publicized prediction about the imminent end of the world, and the news media and a great many others are having a good time playing with it.   This event is supposed to start unfolding some time late tonight, beginning with a huge earthquake somewhere.

A few minutes ago our mantel clock stopped running, but when I rewound it, I saw that it was still more than half-wound, and it should've kept ticking for a couple of days longer.   And then a little after that my wife found that a tiny bird, some kind of a warbler, had suffered a common mishap as a result of our house being here in the woods.  It had smacked head-on into the glass of one of our windows, and now it was just standing there on the ledge, on its feet, head upright,  and with its eyes wide open, yet it was absolutely motionless and not responding to anything.  And (3), partway through the writing of this post, my computer mysteriously blinked off and then right back on.   Good thing Blogger saves your posts as you type them.

All of this might suggest that something critical has started happening right now!

I always enjoy the never-ending end-of-the-world predictions, because they are cases of nonsense that will always be shown for what they are soon enough, and that kind of revelation doesn't happen often enough.   And when the designated hour has come and gone and everything continues to be just as it was, for a split-second I get a feeling of having gotten away with something, even in spite of having known that it was all so much whifflepoop.  That must be because such an occasion is a fascinating thing to contemplate, nevertheless.

You would think that end of the world predictors and those who buy into their bit would have just a little idea of how incredibly long a billion years is.   And the Earth, by which presumably these people mean "the world" instead of just their own little neighborhood, has been around for many billions of years, yet it is still here.   At times it has been only one huge snowball, but it still didn't go anywhere except  where the rest of the universe was also heading.   So the probabilities of the planet speaking sayonara tomorrow or any other time soon are not great.

But intelligence and religious belief have never gone together,  and that is a big reason why religion holds so much appeal for those with severe cranial disconnects.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Does this mean I will have to deal with all of them Monday? And I can't move into a mansion on the water?

Stupid, I know. But sometimes I wish 'They' would disappear!

9:45 PM  

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