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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Unusual Quiet

It's been unusually quiet around here, outside, generally speaking, for the past two days.   At night, too.   The lull before the storm?   But what storm?

Part of it is because right now there are no industrial sounds.   Not the "industrial" as relates to factories, railroads, and the like.  There is a railroad but no factories of any kind for a great many miles around, that I know of.  I meant "industrial" instead in the sense of being industrious.   Nobody seems to be cutting any wood, having any wells dug, running any road equipment, building or repairing houses, or even mowing any hay or grass.   And even the U.S. Navy, from its safe position 200 miles away, hasn't sent its pairs of roaring jet fighters to attack us with their thunderous and sometimes scary, extreme noise pollution lately, which they do at intervals whose lengths are obviously determined by flipping coins, while thinking that the U.S. citizens living here are too few to matter, even though a couple of those citizens -- not anywhere close to a majority but at least a couple -- run up U.S. flags on poles every morning, and you would think that would be enough.

The other part is that the smaller wildlife -- the birds in the daytime and the insects any time -- are not having much to say.

There's probably not much use in even mentioning all this surrounding silence.   The use must be in just noticing it while I can.


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