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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congress Notices Libya

After about three months of the U.S. playing mainly a support role in the NATO military effort in Libya, some people are attacking President Obama for doing this.  The sense of deja vu is so powerful here and goes back for so many years, with so many Presidents having gone to the latest shootouts without getting Congressional permission, that I would call it a case of beating about twenty (20) dead horses.

Things were probably slow in Congress.   Summer is setting in, and for all I know they're in recess and spending all their time raising money and going to picnics and raising money.    But so as not to let the public forget that there is a U.S..Congress, which is always an easy thing to do, a bunch of the more zealous among them thought they'd take advantage of this hiatus by trying to grab a few quick political points.

But their case, the very old one about how the White House is keeping the Congress out of the loop on military involvements, is weaker than usual because they have found nothing new to throw into the fire, plus the U.S. isn't exactly leading the charge in Libya,, and there are no U.S. ground troops involved.   The Congressmen argue that the Libya thing is too expensive, because the cost to the U.S. is now just 200 mil short of 1 bil.   But any U.S. military move anywhere and at any time  is always going to cost an arm and a leg, regardless.   That's just about Biblical.


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