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Monday, June 27, 2011

Where You're Headed

Here is where you're headed, those of you who are certain citizens of the future, to the world in which it'll be increasingly hard to tell the real from the digital.

This video, best seen in full screen, and provided that it comes out all right from here to your monitor, shows how Japanese computer whizzes took parts from a six-girl musical group and combined them to make a seventh member who is not real, yet it's hard to tell that she is not real unless you've already been forewarned that something is not right.

What would I take first in that world?   My first thought is being able to roam through a Triassic Age jungle, complete with the smells, the sounds, and the sights of some digital monsters with everything in place.  Next I'd take a few hours in the Roman forum or maybe the Senate during a debate -- translated of course, then a few minutes in the Colosseum, and then a little while at Little Big Horn just when Custer happened to be trotting through, then a longer while sailing with Magellan through the Straits, and then checking out the market in 14th century Timbuktu, and then facing Billy the Kid in Lincoln County, New Mexico, while armed with something with real caliber, and on and on....


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