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Monday, September 05, 2011

A Weather Log

One of my wife's friends said to their book club that the weather is the biggest thing, the most important thing, and I agree with that completely.   I especially like the way that the weather, so far, is beyond all human arrogances.   All we can do about it -- so far -- is to just deal with it as it comes, and I think that's great.

Weather Underground keeps trying to encourage people to start weather weblogs, I guess on their site, and if I knew more about the science of weather, I would give that some strong consideration.   But I have noticed how the weather aficianados just love to lace their jargon with all kinds of scientific terms.   Anyway, I have always loved weather, and I think it would be cool to try to figure out just where storms are going and what they're going to do.   I have a feeling that the computer up in my head would give me a good shot at being able to do that, and maybe even being good at it.

But so far it's only a thought ...because i only get real interested in the weather during the hurricane season, and that's less than half the year.   Real weather nuts are interested in the weather even in the long stretches when nothing much is happening.  But that's just what I would think and not at all something that I know.


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