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Monday, September 05, 2011

The Case for a Large Government

The constant demands that the Government be reduced in size make no sense.  Pure mathematics say otherwise.   Do the rightwingers know that the current population of the U.S. is now over 300 million?   And that number is constantly growing, with most people coming from crabby, eternally discontented cultures, including this one.

It follows, then, that the more people a country has , the more demands they are likely to make, and therefore the need for an ever-enlarging government.  And even if they didn't make so many demands, still their numbers would create more chances for politicians to become the makers of more and more laws, as well as furnishing increased job opportunities for those who are only too happy to enforce those extra-added laws.   And between them these forces create more evils with which the government must deal, and so it has to keep growing in size to keep pace, not shrinking.  And meanwhile, the roads and bridges that the government built to everyone's approval don't stay in good condition forever, and the hurricanes, the floods, and other natural disasters don't stop coming, and the commotions in the rest of the world don't stop but instead keep growing in number with the same increasing population, and on and on.

If G. Washington had to face the same aggravations over a period of months that confront B. Obama every day, I think he would have thrown it all up right quick, and yet the Teagrubs keep screaming for a mini-government, the size, I assume, of General Washington's, and to be staffed only by one segment of a population that consists of numerous segments.   I don't get it!


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