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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Empty Mouths

The media and the pundits have spent the last several days telling us what President Obama is saying to Congress even as I type these words.   Then, for the next several days, the media will tell us what he said, which will be just about the same thing, so that they need only change the tense of their verbs, while throwing in a few extra touches to try to cover themselves.  Then, for a couple of weeks after that they will go over each of those recommendations about job creation yet again, this time for the purpose of happily telling us just why each of those can't and won't be done.

The evil-doers and the slack-jawed sure are having their way.   Maybe, much as I never wanted to believe it, this country is in fact -- in the sense of why people attend college and take non-lucre-promising courses like the humanities -- already facing the bye-bye door.


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