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Monday, April 22, 2013

What Gives?

Inspired by a neighbor lady who debuted in her blog just today, I thought I'd do a rare thing and stop by my own site, for the first time in yet another long while, and immediately I saw one reason, though far from the only one, that's been inhibiting me from posting here lately.  

At some point I've been hit here by a virus or something, that causes weird strips of ads to appear suddenly on the page where posts are composed.

What to do about this?   I have no idea.   One thing I fear most is that if I did manage to post this message, that dumb ad that is obscuring the style line and that seems to be an ABC news ad might show up on my weblog page, too.

I decided first to check to see if the virus, or whatever it is, has infected just the one main computer, the "Little Black," that I use most in the house, or whether it's on either of the two in my workshop that can also go online.   And lo and behold there doesn't seem to be a problem on the main one here in my workshop, the "Aluminum." 

Meanwhile I would give a link to the neighbor lady's new site, but you know what they say -- "Discretion is the better part of valor."  (Do they still say that, and do I have it right?  More and more I feel like I'm gradually losing any handle that I may ever have had on what's what.   You know, the age thing, and all that goes with that.)   After all, I got the link from an email that L. had sent to all the ladies in her and my wife's book club, and so maybe it was intended only for their eyes.

   But meanwhile, welcome to the wide world of weblogging, L.  You've started yours in the same month that I did this one, way back in 2004.   And wow!   If my count is right, that means that my "Unpopular Ideas" is now nine years old!

There's so much you can find to write about on these things -- especially when you don't bother to post it.