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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Prezelec T. Rump, the Ultimate Outlaw

How fitting it is that one of the most unqualified and repulsive Americans now alive should nevertheless be in the position of merely needing to draw breath for another six or seven weeks before, amid much mouth-breathing fanfare, he is to be shown the way to the outside steps of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. and there sworn in as the next President of the United States.   It will be fitting because of how that dreadful aberration came to be.

We are talking here about a man who has shown that he has no more class than, as might be said in Texas, a bi-donged dog.   One has only to recall how Rump spoke over the radio of how much he has in the past enjoyed grabbing the genitals of women that he seemed not to have known, while just a day or two ago, he went on a “victory” tour in which he boasted to his supporters what they already knew and had been constantly salivating over, namely that they, and he, had won it all – the White House, the Supreme Court, and both chambers of the Congress, while making no mention of how that left absolutely nothing in the way of fairness and justice for the rest of Americans, which is also the majority of them.

This gargantuan and completely twisted tragedy of happenstance was only made possible by the use, even up to this supposedly far advanced day, of a method of choosing Presidents that was imposed on this country out of a need to assuage the states that practiced slavery by allowing them to count each male slave – who of course was never allowed to vote, because he was not considered to be a real human but instead was always to be seen as just a mere beast of burden – as three-fifths of a person nevertheless among the inhabitants of his “owner’s” plantation, household, or whatever.

Of course one would rarely if ever hear this process spoken of this way in most explanations of the Electoral College.   Instead the College is euphemistically presented as a fair-minded way to keep the states with less population from being consistently overwhelmed in the count by the larger states.   Instead now we have the situation where six or seven citizens in one of today’s larger states, especially California, consistently find that their votes taken together equal little more than one vote of a citizen in one of the smaller states, like Wyoming, and that leads to elections as perverse as the one we have just now suffered, in which a person can get two million more votes than anyone else and still see the second-place finisher declared the winner instead.

As if that enormous distortion of the political process (which has not been adopted by any other country on the planet) was not bad enough, I keep wondering why so many people thought that this one particular person rated getting their votes, period, because during the campaign, T. Rump was clearly revealed as a man who has always operated on the sleazy side of the street, and so will beyond all doubt continue to deport himself in exactly the same way in this highest office that, by a thousand orders of unaccountability, he is to be allowed to occupy.  If one thinks that for some weird reasons he has been allowed to get away with more than enough bad behavior already, the words “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” take on new meaning.

He is involved in not just a few but many hundreds of lawsuits, since his favorite sport is suing people, and it looks as if more than a few brave souls have  sued him in turn.

Though thought of by the unthinking as being a good businessman, this man lost 816 billion dollars in one year.   Yet he is thought to have arranged to take advantage of that and robbed the Government by taking advantage of a loophole to avoid paying income taxes anymore for as many as 18 years.   Along the way he also incurred six bankruptcies.

He impressed the highly impressionable by calling himself a billionaire.  Yet, unlike all other Presidential candidates for the last 40 (forty!) years, he never allowed today’s American public to see his tax records and so determine if he was really that successful, or whether in reality his business record is just a long collection of various scams, along the lines of the Trump University dodge that he settled just days ago by shelling out $25,000 .   And he is still being allowed to get away with that withholding of vital tax information.   Why?

And now, even before he assumes office, he is setting up three of his children and a son-in-law to take part in what promises to be a nepotism ring operating from the White House, and it is easy to expect that through these covetous kids, this man will pay much more attention to his bottom lines than he will to the national budget or to the many national and international issues, of which he will have little to no understanding anyway (a good thing, too, in light of all those bankruptcies) and instead will leave those “extraneous” matters to the many other equally unscrupulous members of his mob that he is sloppily staffing, and these henchfolk will likewise be scrambling to benefit themselves and their kind instead of responding fairly and justly to the many pressing needs that others will try to bring to their warped attentions, in vain.

What, then, about the stuff that I already mentioned briefly but that should’ve sunk this guy’s candidacy without a bubble?  It involved his repeated sexual misdeeds of several kinds that were brought to light during the campaign.  Yet, in spite of all that, this man was chosen.

He has been married three times and always to women much younger than he and who all looked like former contestants in one of those beauty pageants that he liked to sponsor because of the opportunities they offered for some serious backstage leering?  Why isn’t his fidelity marked by his possession of a wife who is close to his own age and that he has been married to for a long time?  Why does his latest wife, an immigrant, usually just stand there tethered to his haunch while wearing a stony expression that clearly asks, “What is this?  Elephant plops?”

What happened to “family values,” that purple drum that Republiklans usually beat so furiously?   Why did so many people instead condemn his longtime married (and then only once) lady opponent because she stood by her man when he was copiously accused of yielding to temptations logically brought on and, even more bitterly also because of her choice of email server?   Her email server, for God’s sake!!   How did a person’s email server come to be ranked so highly among the Seven Deadly Sins?

These questions, rarely asked during the campaign, were and still are are never given any answers that make the slightest bit of sense.  Why?

An old-timer, who helped us greatly when we city-slickers moved down here into the Virginia sticks and who through that period was younger than I am now, was fond of putting the clincher on his contentions by saying, “I’m not telling you what I believe.  I’m telling you what I know.”   And here I will follow suit.

There is only one explanation.

“Tonsils” Rump has been welcomed and boosted into power because those who all their lives have yearned to get away with the same kinds of crimes and garbage and more – up to and including mass ethnic cleansing, a la the current Israeli treatment of the Palestinians – see in him the perfect vehicle in which they can happily ride to the fulfillment of all their own highly immoral and base desires.

That includes the Devout – you know, the souls who will ride to Rump’s inauguration on that awful, upcoming January 20th, with, to update Mark Twain’s words of a century or two ago, “the calm, clear self-satisfaction of a Christian holding four aces.”



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