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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

T. Rump's Dilemmas

With no teenage beauty pageants in progress right now, or allowed anywhere near him, I wonder what  T. Rump is doing to keep his life juices flowing right now. given the trouble they’ve always had in reaching his head? (The “T” is short for “Tweetybird” or perhaps “Tonsils,” going by the extremely pronounced ski slope for the bugs that extends from his chin down to the top of his chest and thereby completely hides the color of his neck, at least from the front, though that is easy enough to guess.)

“A man is only as good as his team.”   How many billions of times has that been said?  But if that is so, then Rump is in deep doodoo, as any man, or woman would be, if they had only a bottomless pool of nasties to choose from.  So far, of the 15 cabinet posts, he has settled on the holders of only three, none of whom figures to be remembered kindly in history books written by anyone other than the endlessly hateful David Horowitz.  

It’s interesting to note who, so far, has NOT been chosen.   Not one of his 15 or so adversaries during the primaries has been picked or even mentioned as being in the running. 

I guess that is because they had the temerity to go up against him.  But aren’t they a big part of the Republican Establishment?  And didn’t he run under the Republican banner and at times used their resources?

This means that, just as in the final stages of the campaign when he, a congenital cheapskate, withheld funds from them, so far he has kept the Republicans from sharing the power as well, very likely out of his certainty that he won all by himself.

But then what about the Republican Senate and House and the solidly Republican Supreme Court that he now intends to hang around the country’s neck before squeezing slowly, garrote style?

If then T. Rump has in mind dumping the Republicans, too, then does he belong to any party at all, or does he intend to put into place an all-powerful new one, called The National Socialist American Workers' Party or some variation thereof, beginning with dropping the “Socialist” bit?  Actually, however, if he wants to stay close to his inspiration, he could keep that word in, too, without the Rumpisants being any the wiser, so deeply have they drunk of his Kickapoo Joy Juice – until they start noticing his friends, the Billionaire Buzzards, constantly circling overhead, though by then it will be too late, just as it was for the Germans, the Russians, the Poles, the Jews, and many others, during my lifetime.

Along those lines, however, it is important to note that, in spite of all my warnings, Rudolph Guiliani, the Rednecked Paindear, is still in the running for the post that H. Clinton once held, Secretary of State, and if anything his hopes have been boosted by people like Rump’s campaign chief and now a senior adviser of his transition team, K. Conway, on the basis of his loyalty, and I have to believe that that is not to Rump’s pleasure.  I suspect that to him Giuliani has too much of the odor of the Mob, and T.R. probably has had too many dealings with them, by having been in the casino racket.  Rump could be also recalling what a former president with the initials “LBJ” said, something about urinating in tents.

Another gal should be chosen.  Even S. Palin would be better, though she is being ignored, in favor of a former general who was discredited after he let his main squeeze see classified material.  Palin is always good for laughs, and that ever-present smile can be disarming, which is what the State Department is supposed to be all about.  The State Department is the Peace Department, and the general would fit better in the Defense Department, which in my day was called the “War Department,” and that is still the much more apt name for that outfit.


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