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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Snapshots in the Darkness

The Usual Sanctimonious among us, who pride themselves on being so broad-minded and reasonable and fair, are busily braying, “Give the President-Elect a chance for God’s sake, why don’tcha?”

My answer to that is, “A chance for what?  To screw everybody in the country that is not white?”

He was given well over a year to show that he has good intentions.   That period was called the “Electoral Campaign.”

During that time he never revealed that he had even one decent bone in his body.   And he still hasn’t, weeks now after the voting.   For example, look at the thugs that he has gathered around him.  Uniform disasters!   Yet fools persist in denying that 1934’s Germany is already upon us.

. . . . .

During the recently concluded election campaign, when it seemed that H. Clinton, the Lady, had the biggest chance of winning, while he, the Lout, would lose, D. J. Trump repeatedly condemned the upcoming vote by saying that the outcome would be rigged.

D.J.T. did in fact lose.   Ms Clinton received 2,000,000 (two million) more votes than did D.J.  Yet, due to the use of an extremely rigged system called the Electoral College, which has its roots in slavery, and wherein the votes of some states are considered to have more value than those of other states, the U.S.A. has now been placed under the incredible indignity of being presided over by a confirmed bigot and lecher, among many other shortcomings.

Isn’t it interesting, though not in the least unexpected, that having him unjustly decreed to be the Prez has suddenly cut off all statements by this guy and his supporters that the election was rigged, as it so clearly was, especially when one recalls that the U.S. is the only country in the world in which the person who gets the most votes can be declared the loser, as has happened this year, and not for the first time, in a contemporary teenager’s lifetime no less! 


As soon as Der Fuhrer DJT was elected, I started waiting to see what sort of a plum he would drop into the eager mouth of R. Guiliani, perhaps the most venomous of all DJT’s numerous flacks during the campaign.   Now it’s been several weeks, and still nothing has been announced.

Instead we’ve been treated to the very unbecoming spectacle of Guiliani trying to sell himself, first as being a very good prospect for Attorney-General, and now, since that post was filled with a throwback to the arch-segregationists of the 1950's, he has switched to advertising himself as being the best material of all the likelies for Secretary of State, mainly by speaking of how often he has been overseas, serving as a consultant to a decidedly motley crew who wanted to be elected to various posts in their countries.

But somehow that quality called “diplomacy” hasn’t shown itself yet, in Giuliani’s self-boosting or in his lifetime behavior.  Instead, from everything I’ve seen of him over the years, I would call him “topline abrasive,” to the point that he even physically resembles a slightly used sheet of sandpaper, coarse grade, and I believe that the pre-Trump Republican Party also saw him that way, the reason that they didn’t support him for any top national posts, despite his exclusive ownership of 9/11.

So what will they do with him, and with Sarah Palin, and for that matter, even with Michelle Bachman?   Because Guiliani will surely stay loud enough that he won’t be forgotten.

Trump’s Big Tent is going to be a gathering of Infernals if there ever was one.  For the protection of the rest of D.C., the Oval Office is going to have to requisition bars for its windows, Supermax grade.


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