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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Question with Obscured Answers and a Suitcase Beyond Dread

Why did so many supposedly intelligent people think that choosing such a clearly disgusting individual as D. J. Trump to be the next U.S. president was such a good idea?

The answer is willfully buried in a torrent of red-eyed resentment under red baseball caps that that question is even posed.

Suddenly, after the election that just ended, the towering question that for so long has plagued humankind, namely whether God exists,  has been shoved over (though that Biblical question, too, is pertinent to this other one), and this new above-stated query, regardless of all the rationalizing and the smoke screens, has to be answered first, because the stakes are too high.

Unfortunately for everything else on the planet Earth, this matter is completely centered around the nation that could most easily reduce the entire planet to an enormous ball consisting of nothing but scorched, smoking, lifeless rock.  And it doesn’t help to be reminded that during every such American election, a certain situation is always brought up, and that is the matter of who can best be trusted to be the possessor of a suitcase that is said to accompany every American president wherever he goes, and it doesn’t contain his skivvies and his much-needed meds.  Instead it is said to contain a button, most likely colored red, that, if pressed, would launch into the skies an unknown number of nuclear missiles aimed toward distant destinations, with voters in his nation and in every other nation, not to mention the creatures living happily in the deepest crevices of the seas, having had no say-so of any kind in that decision.

Or maybe this matter is centered around not one but two nations, since the leader of a second large nation that has fully as much means to completely skin the world saw fit to use his country’s computer hackers to affect the outcome of that first nation’s national elections and so to help bring things to this “pretty pass.”

That poses another question that is easy to answer beyond all shadow of a doubt.  Was it sheer racial hatred on the part of that first participating nation and sheer stupidity on the part of the leader of that second participating nation that contributed in unduly heavy amounts to bring about this fearful situation?

Absolutely.  And, though it will be denied up, down, and sideways, I notice that therein lies the bulk of the answer to the question that began this post.


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