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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ha-ha! “Death Jockey!”

It is in the early morning hours of Election Day on 8 Nov 2016 that I begin writing this post, while I wait to go to the polling place to join the entire rest of the U.S. in taking part in this truly historic event.

To my quiet but great satisfaction, decency, the Democratic party, and Hillary Clinton are all favored to win.  Daily Kos says that Clinton and her running mate, Kaine, have a 92% chance, and that the prospects are good for the Democrats to even out the number of U.S. senators to 50 each, which means they would essentially take over the Senate, as Kaine would be presiding over that chamber and would be the tie-breaker.

With a Clinton-Kaine win, the media outlets will be frantically rushing to tell us everything that their bosses want us to think about what it all means, though we will have long since observed what brought it all about, as well as having formed our own ideas about what lies ahead.  After having been far more favorable toward Trump than they were toward Clinton, those outlets might even vie to be the first off the mark with the glaringly obvious “news” that finally, after these several hundreds of years, the gender bar in the U.S. presidency has been broken, and they might even try to pat themselves on the back for the part that they would swear that they had played in bringing it about, regardless of how specious that claim would be.

I’m also expecting that in that reactionary media few if any will point out that actually Ms Clinton did something that in some ways even trumps receiving the most votes, and that will be that, though a “mere” woman, and a somewhat aged woman, and a gentle, non-potty-mouthed woman, she nevertheless endured many months of having to battle those perennial nasties of American politics, the Republicans, who this time were even more toxic and destructive than usual, due to the presence in their name of a man who constantly came across as being no better than a sex-starved junkyard dog – Death Jockey Trump, their nominee – or more accurately – his choice for the presidency.

After the election I hope that Hillary Clinton will be able to get some prolonged rest, so as to let her stomach settle, while others of us will desperately hope that D.J. Trump will never again get a chance to run for any kind of office.  No man or woman should ever have to face such a tower of degradation and complete shamelessness as he showed himself to be, day after day, without respite.


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