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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Shamefully Outdone, One Hundredfold!

A few days ago a headline appeared in the news, telling us that a “black” man was ejected from a Trump rally in North Carolina.

That was not really “news,” and it would ordinarily just have produced a ho-hum.   But under that headline’s first line was a second line that was a kicker.   It read, laconically, “Turns out that he was a Trump supporter.”   So I was forced to read on, to find out what it was all about.

This man allegedly is 63, and supposedly he lives somewhere out in the North Carolina countryside.   If that is so, there is no need here, as there was none in that news item, to give his name or the name of the town where he lives, though that info was given in the report.  There’s a point where light should not be fully shone on absolute absurdity.

For some reason, despite his ethnic persuasion, this man has for some time, maybe for years, been a big Trump fan, to the point that during the currently electoral campaign he has had over 100 Trump signs stolen or vandalized.  Or so he said.

Nevertheless, by now you know that that really held my attention.  One hundred!  (100)  If true that number put my one measly little stolen sign really to shame, though you also know that in no way did my heart go out to him, even after I then read that nevertheless, now he has no less than forty (40) intact Trump signs proudly displayed on his property.  –Or so it was reported.  Instead I couldn’t decide what to think, since ascribing his attitude to a serious mental problem would let him off the hook way too easily, because actually, on further thought,  I believed all of that only about as far as I can spit – or, these days, pee.

What seems to have happened at the rally was that while Trump was spouting his usual claptrap, he noticed that he had suddenly lost the attention of a big chunk of his audience, and instead those folks (sic) were increasingly looking at something a little to one side of him and to his rear with what appeared to be increasing though as yet only silent alarm.

Finally Sir Trumpty-Dumpty deigned to look to see what or who could be so insolent as to detract from his verbal free-basing, and he saw his rear line of bodyguards appearing to be almost breached by a man who was frantically waving a sheet of paper.

Trump immediately decided that this man was a protestor, and using some characteristically impolite language, he ordered his people to kick this guy out, post-haste, which they did.

Outside the rally, while he brushed himself off and looking sheepish, and smiling, this guy assured Trump’s people that he understood and that he forgave them and Trump.

Then he said that he was actually a big Trump fan, and that some time ago he wrote that object of his admiration a letter, and to his great surprise Trump answered his letter, and afterward he and the Humpster exchanged missives.  (Really?  On what subjects?)

I do not recall what was reported as being on the sheet of paper that the guy was waving, nor did I retain what he claimed to have had in mind while trying to get up close and personal with the Gross One.   But I have a theory.   Of course I have a theory.

I think it’s possible that this guy meant only to give Trump a free colon inspection, with the use of nothing more than his head while probing to a record-setting depth.    

I am still waiting to hear a better explanation.  But then I’m that way about any “member” who troops to any Republican’s side.   There’s always one, or a few, you know.   It’s a disorder that dates all the way back to slave insurrections, if not much earlier.  That kind of behavior may even help to explain why “black” chattel slavery remained feasible for such an eternity.

Actually, however, I don’t know about this incident.   It remained in the news for scarcely more than a day, and was mentioned by very few.

          The more I think about this performance, the more certain I am that it was intended to be a put-on aimed at demeaning a certain community for the enjoyment of Trump’s fans.   But it was so bogus that its import ended up being lost on everyone, including its perpetrators, and on the man who was to be benefited, though that leads to the question of how such a scheme can work, since that man is also an enormous farce, in and of himself?


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