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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Somebody disposed of our Clinton sign!

What?   Has this guy been reading this here blog of mine, and doesn’t like my conclusions at all?

Okay.   You can start laughing now.

Seriously, the identical sign of our neighbors directly across the road is also missing, and this makes me wonder if some good ol’ boy drove by in the dead of night, scooped up all the Clinton signs he could find on our road, threw them in the back of his pickup truck, and went on his merry way, grinning in anticipation at the kicks he would get the next time he throws back a few beers with his buddies and brags about this great thing he has done.

As those signs are out of sight from our house and involve a walk up a slope that is becoming more and more of a hard slog for an old guy with wobbly feet and legs, I didn’t know about this outrage till the neighbor who put those signs up for us called earlier this evening to tell us about the thefts, with a promise to replace them.

During every national election every four years, we put a sign up at the head of our driveway, and, yes, reprehensible as it might be to certain denizens around here, the signs always recommend only the Democrat in the race.   We regard it as almost a civic duty to join others in pointing out the names of those whom we see as being the representatives of good in an election campaign, as compared to the neo-Fascists on the opposite side.

We have been living here and doing so for 40 years, and this is the first time  that  this sort of thing has happened.   This is obviously as good a sign as any of how severely the candidacy of Donald J for “Jackass” Trump has poisoned the  American discourse.

I know of no neighbor that I can suspect,  mostly because I no longer get  around at  all.  Ordinarily one of my closest friends here would come to mind, though not seriously.   I believe that he always votes Republican, because there is only one issue that really concerns him, and that is, which party is more likely to take away his beloved guns.

Still, I don’t think that even at the worst of times he would take my sign, though he hates all such signs and it’s been muttered that he does go around picking them up, regardless of party, though only after the elections.  Or maybe at some point he just said that he did, just to get a rise.  He likes to provoke people that way.  But right now he is far too involved with fighting off several quite serious physical ailments and mysteries thereof to even think about small roadside political admonitions.

Otherwise, oddly and for reasons (other than my presence), that I’ve already gone into in this blog in previous eras, this sparsely populated rural county in the western half of Virginia (as distinguished from woebegone West Virginia), is usually a lone spot of blue in a sea of red after every election,  though a professional wrestling show held here years ago revealed to me in startling fashion how this county is riddled with unenlightened people living tucked away in every hollow and cove, that one usually doesn’t see, except for such important occasions, which, incidentally, don’t include elections.

I have been wondering what I should do now.   I guess it’s best to wait till G. replaces those signs and see if those will be snatched up, too.   As a very close reader on the Internet of all the various aspects of this election, I will not be surprised, just as I wasn’t by this original misdeed.  I still have 2008 and 2012 Obama signs that I saved as collector’s items, and I briefly – only briefly --  considered putting one of those up, too, next to the Clinton signs, to emphasize how strongly I feel about this present election.   But it doesn’t take a genius to know what would have instantly happened to that sign, too, and I quickly dropped that idea.

If a second sign is grabbed, then I suppose it would be best to wait till just three or four more days before the voting takes place and only then put up a third sign, just to show our would-be tormentors that we haven’t forgotten or relented.  It’s not our fault that our taking the best American ideals so seriously contrasts so strongly to how they honor those same ideals only in the breach, provided that they are aware of the those principles at all, which this Trump nightmare causes me to definitely doubt.


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