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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Inquiries from Beyond, on the Election

 I would surely vote for Donald J., though not for President.   No intelligent man or woman would vote for Trump as President, much less revealing him- or herself by having a Trump-Pence sign on their lawns, the heads of their driveways, or anywhere else on their property, for, by doing so these people would seem to suggest that they are not only sorely lacking in their reasoning powers but also that they have no regard for the well-being of their fellow citizens, in the U.S. or anywhere else.

But if in less than three weeks we would be choosing instead who should be seen as being by far the most disgusting, deplorable, and degraded man on Earth, I would be rushing to darken the parens next to the name of Donald J for "Jackass" Trump.  There would be no need to write in his name.  It would be already there, right at the top of the list.

By having been born in D.C. during the Great  Depression and raised and educated there, I was not allowed to vote until I was somewhere in my 20’s.  Till then, thanks to the chronically criminal group called the U.S. Congress, not even the white people in D.C. could vote, for the President, a member of Congress, or even a mayor.   Finally Congress eased up a little and permitted us to vote for a mayor and a President but still not for a voting member of Congress, because the Repubs from all over the rest of the country know that that city is always going to vote Democrat, and Republicans see the American Way as meaning doing all that they can to prevent anyone from exercising their right to vote on anything whatsoever, if there is any likelihood that that vote will not be in the right wingers’ favor.

When I first voted, I thought I would be clever by keeping all my options open, and so I registered as an Independent.   But it didn’t take long to see that my views and all the best people were always Democratic, with the result that I have never voted Republican, and I am now 85.  I can’t foresee anything happening that would ever change that, and I am extremely proud to be able to say that.  It makes me feel, in this instance, intellectually and morally pure, and no one can know how sorry I am for all those legions who can’t say the same thing.   Yet now we have people who are more than ready to keep their heads plunged even deeper in the cesspool by their badly mistaken intentions to vote for Donald J. Trump and consequently further defiling themselves by in the process also voting Republican.

So what is that sound I hear?  I believe it is the groan and crackle of distinguished Republican figures of days long gone by, turning over in their graves as they see how the party that they used to love so much has allowed itself to be steam-rollered into presenting to the American people as their choice for the 45th President of the United States a man who was not to the liking of the few cooler heads that still remain in that tattered party.

“Not him!” they try to shout from their netherworlds, figures like Barry Goldwater, Edward Brooke, Jacob Javits, Howard Taft, William F. Buckley, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.   “What’s the matter with you?  Are you completely out of your minds in these latter days?   Have you paid no attention to all the garbage that this man with the card game name has spewed since the day he declared?  Have you gained no idea of the kind of a man he is. besides being merely a self-admitted and dedicated snatch-grabber and ogler of naked, teenage girls?  Have you not noticed his almost non-existent grasp of language, and so he can truly connect only with those who, like him, much prefer to express themselves only with four-letter words, and with the tiniest grasp of complex ideas to go with it?   Were you not listening when he asked why isn’t conducting nuclear warfare an option?   Could you not foresee how easily, then, this unconscious creature would be totally overmatched by Hillary Clinton in the debates, no matter how hard he tried to provoke her into losing her temper?  Did you not see how the rallies that gave him so much inspiration and confidence were like nothing so much as meetings of people who desired hearing from him only a call to bring back the lynching bees of old, now that there are so many more people in the land to hate and to murder and to herd into cattle cars than just the descendants of the slaves?  Were your ears filled with cat dung when he ranted that if elected he would prevent a very large chunk of people from traveling to this country purely because of their religion?   Have you, like him, forgotten that one of the main pillars on which this country was founded was freedom of religion?  Did you just think it was funny when he said that he would accept the results of the election only if he won?   . . .  We heard that, too.   . . . Tell us when to laugh.”

If by some catastrophe comparable to an asteroid as big as the Queens borough being suddenly inspired to veer off its normal path and to crash instead into the Earth, so-called “white” evangelicals will be the only group left in the U.S. who will still profess to believe that there is anything like a just and merciful God.   Everyone else in the country will be wracked with doubts that will be far more intense and widespread than ever before.

Whatever the outcome, I expect that hereafter Donald J. and the Republican party and its voters will never be forgiven by the many decent people in this country and in the world at large for the absolutely needless and enormous scare to which they have been subjected for well over a year now, and, in Trump’s case, for no purpose other than to inflate far more the 267-pound sack of liquified bluster that his person already presents.


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