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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Two Peas: D.J. Trump and S. Palin

I wonder if I've ever called Donald J. Trump a fascist.   Actually, after all the notice he has drawn in the present election cycle, which amounts to a whole lot of magnifying glasses, I think he isn't focused enough to be seen like that.   He is far too scattered.

He is cut from the same cloth as Sarah Palin.  They never seem to think through or study anything.  They toil not, but they do spin – a lot, in their appraisals of things and in their craniums. They are entirely unscripted, and instead they just put forward whatever comes to their minds quickest.   That's why they are extemporizing entertainers more than they are anything else.  They are consummate comics with deadly streaks.  That wouldn't work in the White House, even if Trump were to put cameras in all its rooms, a la a reality show.   Palin came along a tad too soon and missed out on considering that kind of thing.   Trump, the latecomer, has already had practice, but that means that many are on to his game.

For these reasons it’s been entirely seemly that Palin was one of the first big names on their end of the political spectrum to endorse Trump.   And meanwhile consider their audiences.   The people who come in great numbers to cheer Trump strike me as being identical to the ones that eight years ago flocked to hear Palin when she was on McCain’s ticket.  There’s no need to describe those folk.  I’m content to say that they were/are mainly a bunch of rowdies, without a constructive or charitable thought to their names.
Mind you, I’m not suggesting that Palin, being the first of the two to get this high in the political eye, ever influenced Trump in any way.   Trump was born in 1946.  Palin didn't arrive till 18 years later, complete with the constant, disarming smile and not much else.  They came on their styles independently of each other, and their common m.o. is far from difficult to hit upon and to use.   That’s one of their problems.   It is much too easy to be that way, because it speaks of laziness that for them is impossible to resist.

Every once in a while you will see an article in which the writer tries to imagine what a Trump presidency would be like.   Eight years ago few people had any trouble picturing a Palin presidency if McCain had won and then had kicked the bucket -- she struck even some Republicans as being so scatter-brained that the country would’ve had a first of its kind constitutional crisis.   Therefore, except among unthinking parties. there’s been general relief ever since that with Obama's first win the country dodged all possibility of that particular bullet, and nothing that she has done in the interim has nullified that certainty.

Therefore the Palin Factor, ironically, must be one of the main reasons why a lot of people, aside from those addicted to laughs, are praying that D.J. Trump won’t make it into the White House either, except as a sniffer of the roses.


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