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Friday, February 19, 2016

An Obvious Choice

President Obama has instantly come under the completely predictable fire of ever-infuriated Republicans for passing up attending the goodbye and good riddance ceremony for a man who spent 30 years doing all he could under the vestments of the Supreme Court to help nudge the U.S. ever closer to the kind of fascist dungpile in which, by the year 1941, the Germans found themselves hopelessly mired and that has just recently finished engulfing Israel.   But who in his right mind would even think, in what has been an unusually frigid February in the Mid-Atlantic --  of subjecting his mind to the torture of going to the funeral of a scoundrel like A. Scalia, when in just a few more weeks Obama is scheduled to become the first U.S. President in the living memory of the majority of Americans to set foot on the territory of its neighbor, Cuba, and in the more bracing month of March to enjoy the warm, bright waters and sands of that unforgivably wronged Caribbean nation?
Well, I guess there are quite a few Republicans who would put attending just such a dark, sepulchral observance ahead of anything else, except impeaching the President.  But then it has also been decades now since any Republicans could be seen as having anything near anyone else's ideas of rational and redemptive ways of thinking.


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