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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Middle East -- the Navel of the World

Among the many ways that Israel apologists use to justify the enduring evil being perpetrated decade after decade upon the far weaker Palestinians, is what happened to the Jewish population of Europe during WW2.  The apologists keep screaming, "Never again!"  when actually the connection of that population with the Israelis has, with constant use, gotten frayed away to almost nothing, and the crowning irony instead is that it is happening all over again, except with the Palestinians instead of the Jews being hammered, and with the hammerers this time being the Israelis instead of the ....  Well -- on the pain of apologist killer bees descending on us from all sides with the most righteous, convoluted, and absurd rationalizations imaginable -- attempts are made to keep us from putting "Germans" and "Israelis" in the same sentence and from saying what is clearly plain for all to see.

Instead the apologists in effect keep suggesting, under the cover of all sorts of weasel words that on the surface sound so rational and temperate, that the Palestinians must go on being slaughtered en masse, noiselessly, invisibly, and without comment or protest.   It's all in the interest of "survival."   But it is completely beyond me how any people with hundreds of modern attack planes, nuclear bombs, tanks, submarines, and the backing of an overseas sponsor that has more military hardware than quite possibly the rest of the world combined, compared to almost nothing, relatively speaking, in the hands of those whom they victimize can be so constantly concerned about their survival.  (Though of course they are not at all concerned.)

I think it can be said that, despite all the deserts and the absence of trees, the Middle East is not just any place.   Instead it can be seen as being the Navel of the World, because of all those religions that through the ages have set up shop in those parts..   But in 1949, a dagger was thrust into it, and ever since there has been a lot of blood spilled, though the steel intruder is still intact and in place, though now the dagger has expanded into being a full-fledged sword.   And not for the first or the 20th time that sword is being twisted in the world's belly yet again and bringing forth copious amounts of new blood and pain.

And it is the great tragedy of today's world that maybe for the first time in human history, there is no moral force anywhere on the planet with the will, an ordinary sense of decency, and the strength to place a restraining hand on the wielders of such a sword.  That is why major attention should be paid to what is happening these days in Gaza and in the West Bank instead of blathering on and on ad infinitum about everything else but.

Many of those weasel words that I spoke of involve calls for the Palestinians to come to the peace table "in good faith."

Isn't it strange, how, when it comes to negotiating for peace, all of sudden the Palestinians become equals with the  Israelis, and as such, with nothing to concede except to shut up and keep baring their breasts to the IDF bullets, the Palestinians are expected to match the Israels in concessions, point for point.  Yet when it comes to preparing for war, the Palestinians are denied all possession of the armaments and munitions that the Israelis receive in huge profusion from the U.S. and others in the West..

It never seems to occur to those who would urge the Palestinians to the peace table, that in negotiations like these, much, much more should be asked from the Israelis than from the Palestinians, simply because the Israelis are so much stronger than the Palestinians, by factors of hundreds and thousands.  Or maybe these disparities mean nothing to the apologists, because, as has often been pointed out by many people, the Israelis are quite happy with the way things are, complete with the sport afforded by their Gaza killing fields.

So how can Hamas, stymied by being unable to accomplish anything else meaningful except to keep the Israelis running to their bunkers, be faulted for firing their rockets that hurt almost no one?

Their purpose seems to be to remind the Israelis that the Palestinians are still there, and that worms and also fortunes have been known to turn, and, in these much faster, modern times,  much more frequently than just once every 2,000 years.


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