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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shaked -- a Massive Contradiction in Justice

Image result for ayelet shaked imagesImage result for ayelet shaked images

Guess who the woman is whose images appear above?

Hardly anybody this side of Gibraltar, or on this side of Malta for that matter, will know.  But Americans especially should know, because whether they acknowledge it or not, not a day passes that huge numbers of them don't genuflect to this woman and her accomplices in crime, in the form of a cool million dollars and more that every day of the year the U.S. government drops into the bank accounts belonging to her and her collective national family, with testimonies of love, undying fidelity, and best wishes.

Her name is Ayelet Shaked, and she is 39 and she is married to a reserve fighter pilot and she has two children and she is one of the three or four biggest members of the Israeli power structure, because the Yahu guy chose her to be his -- and secondarily Israel's -- Justice Minister.   And who could've blamed him?   With her and her resumé in  the tech and the political fields at hand, who would not make such a choice?   Best of all from Yahu's point of view, without a blink she spouts opinions and desires that even he, the most shameless of men,  might hesitate to say publicly.

Unfortunately, however, the things that Ms Shaked cooks up in her noggin and lets slip through her lips or through the often dangerous practice of posting stuff on Facebook indicate, above all else, that.she is steeped in Evil, to say the least.   I mean really, really, major league Evil!   And remember that you heard it here first.

Meanwhile don't worry about me.   Where I live, you actually can't get here from there, and so the Mossad will never be able to touch me for saying that.   Or am I depending on my lifelong total insignificance a touch too much?   A man who posts the concepts that I present year after year with hardly a comment being made can't expect that situation to last forever,.though Blogger keeps trying to scare me by indicating that this blog gets as many as a couple of dozen page views per day.  There has to be some mistake.  I guess those unknown scanners just take one glance, sneer, and continue on their merry way, especially since my site is light on images.   But anything about Ayelet Shaked demands her picture.  Like it or not, she is defined by her appearance as much as by anything else, no matter how much everyone might try to stay cool about it.

I suppose that I've been thinking that some sort of excuse needs to be found for Ayelet Shaked ever since she first came to my attention two years ago, courtesy of Mondoweiss, or Mondomooser, take your pick – a website operated by Jewish anti-Zionists and a large crew of regular commenters on the same beam,  augmented by a  smaller band of true-blue pro-Zionists who might be even more Jewish and who are always ready for quarrels that, though vicious, never descend into the absolute muck of most internet comment sections on volatile subjects, perhaps because that site is moderated, and the anti-Zionistas who run it let their opponents have their say, within limits that aren't always easily discernible.

And Ms Shaked (I assume that that is pronounced in some way that is not as digestible as it looks in English) is not the only winsome female horror show in Israeli politics.  There could be many others.  I know of at least one other, also through Mondoweiss, who is just as deadly, named Caroline Glick.  You haven't heard a wrong-headed rant till you've heard her on the rampage, yet it's remarkable how she does wonders for the seated position.   Check her out in the Mondoweiss archives of a year or two ago.  What is it about the Dead Sea that produces such ladies?  

The other day, as I said in another post here, I saw for the first time a large number of Beyoncé photos all on one webpage, and I was struck by how they were so varied that I couldn't be sure which one showed her ordinary appearance, in case I should happen to spot her in the local Food Lion, cruising the cucumbers.   That  made me think of Israel's Justice minister, maybe because I realized that unlike the case with Beyoncé Knowles, if Ayelet Shaked were to walk into the room, I wouldn't be aware that I should make an instant exit and look for a kevlar vest, because the only time I had previously seen her picture, it had been too dumbfounding. 

 I decided I needed to see if there was such a page showing Shaked's likeness and so also to see if my first impression of her being so striking still held regardless of her program, and there was such a page, consisting of more than a hundred photos, a lot of them posed just as if she is also among the world's star entertainers, none of whom have anything on her.   But in contrast to Knowles, all of Shaked's shots were clearly of her and no one else, regardless of her pose, and I thought that that said something important about those two very different women and their callings.

But even more I wondered how Shaked could be the same woman who was alleged to have said on her Facebook page that all mothers of Palestinians should be killed, so that they would not  keep producing what she called "little snakes."

It would be easy to think that that was an invention, meant to smear Israel's Minister of Justice beyond all redemption, were it not for the fact that every day a thousand injustices inflicted on the Palestinians take shape in that country that appear to be inspired by just such a statement.  What is going on here?   Are sentiments like that, openly expressed, the kind of thing that is expected of someone in Shaked's position?   Are any of the Holocaust victims recorded as saying such things, even in the moments just before the xylon hit their lungs?   Is a second Holocaust now taking place in Israel, this time  much more of souls among one group than of bodies in the other?

I am completely baffled by how a woman who has an appearance configured as notably as  Shaked's can harbor such an evil, monstrous, and bestial sentiment as that, especially since she is a mother herself.

Something really dire must've happened early in her life, or it was something that she witnessed or that she did, that nobody's telling.   There is no other explanation.   Those aren't the only horrible things that she has said, along with the policies that she has espoused and that are designed to make the lot of the dreadfully mistreated Palestinians even worse than it already is.   Where she lives "justice" has obviously been redefined for the much worst, just as it has in that colony's mother country, the U.S.

I wonder if Ayelet Shaked has ever thought about trading stories with Palestinian mothers, especially those whose children have been shot out from under them by the IDF?

It's hard to imagine a bigger waste than this woman and her doings, who, however, if one didn't know better, might be mistaken for a lily in the fields, only recently opened into bloom.


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