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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

What's Trumps?

The question posed in the title of this post is often asked in bridge and bid whist card games.   This past week the two Cuban-derived Republican candidates, Cruz and Rubio, have been racing around the Southeast U.S. like mad, trying out different suits to slam onto cards played by the frontrunner, who by some weirdness of happenstance is named "Trump" (Donald J, it is important to add but not so much in the cases of Rubio and Cruz, because neither exudes a trace of humor).

 Because Trump is the tenacious frontrunner, both are focusing on him much more than on each other, in attempts to find something that will help cancel him out in today's big bunch of primaries, while also allowing them to win in their home states.   Among the states that are in play during this Super Tuesday is Cruz's Texas, with Rubio's Florida and J. Kasich's Ohio swinging into action two weeks later, on the 15th.  Kasich has said that if you don't win your home state in these primaries, you might as well drop the whole thing.  That is the last thing that Cruz and Rubio want to do.   They have invested too much nastiness in this thing. 

After giving the totally trivial a shot, by suggesting that Trump is unsuited for being the Chief Executive, because he supposedly has small hands and blocked pores, Rubio must think he has hit paydirt because the media has picked up on his mentioning that David Duke, who perennially gets himself propped up in the political sludge because he was once a KKK grand wizard. endorsed Trump.   And Trump has emboldened Rubio, by talking out of all eight sides of his mouth, as is his thing, when asked about Duke.  And other Republicans who want to stop Trump have jumped on him about the same matter.

I have quite a huge problem with seeing Republicans trying to make political hay by charging others with racial bias, when they owe by far the lion's share of their political success in the last several decades to playing racist cards by the dozens and the thousands.
I object to their obvious insincerity, because they are only trying to hurt Trump but not at all in the name of opposing bigotry. a cause that is much too important to be falsely used in such a manner.   As for Trump, he is only a chump who is King of the Pumped, and he deserves to be dumped at the first bump in this severely overlong election road.

In the cases of Rubio and Cruz, that problem of misused motive is even worse, because they are members of the group that found it necessary to leave Cuba because of differences with Fidel Castro after he overthrew the Batista dictatorship.   Those immediate antecedents of the two senators landed in Miami, via the Mariel boatlift or otherwise, and there they were given privileges that were not extended to refugees from other places in Central and South America – an egregious case of discrimination in today’s world of immigrants by the millions.

 These former Cubans more or less took over Miami and gained so much political power that for the next half-century they were able to make sure that the U.S. kept a tight clamp on Cuba, in the form of an embargo that ensured that Cuba would not enjoy anywhere near the same amenities that were widely available in Florida.  Their rationale was that that would help drive Castro from power, though it never did, and instead it is easy to suspect that the real purpose of the expatriates was to punish  their former compatriots who, voluntarily or involuntarily, had remained in Cuba, for not being sufficiently interested in ejecting Castro themselves.  And in meting out these deprivations of many kinds, it "helped" that a large number of those left-behinds were dark-skinned while those in Miami had brought along sizable amounts of Cuba’s available cash and  so were able to get good restarts in this New World, along with the additional asset of being likely to sport hues more preferable to the dominant Floridians.

Therefore, if they weren’t already strongly into the Republican thing of instantly opposing everything that Obama proposes, no matter what it is, I strongly doubt that you will find Rubio or Cruz applauding Obama's finally having the U.S. join hands with Cuba and all the left-behind people there, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how this whole thing is going to go, when the people in Miami’s Little Havana and the people in Havana come into close contact once more, under these new conditions.

In that light, when either man, especially Rubio, tries to set himself up as a racial paragon who can freely attack others for bias, I think strong questions should always be asked, because their own immediate origins and early nurturers  suggest something very different, in spades.


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