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Thursday, March 03, 2016

My Badly Outdated List of Cool Sites

I know, I know.   My list of cool sites over there on my sidebar has gotten badly outdated and needs some severe overhauling.

I haven’t tried them all, but I’m certain that only a few of those links still work, which is only to be expected when I haven’t done any maintenance on this site for at least seven years, and it could be even longer. 

It’s also been amazing to me that the site itself is 12 years old, with a total of over 1,300 posts that I’ve published so far, with hardly any of them being two-line wise cracks, and that despite several long “vacations” that I’ve taken from here so far.  But those are the kinds of surprises that Time never tires of springing on us ancients.

Until a month ago, a period of several years went by when I didn’t keep my previously close eye on this weblog.  I would drop in a few posts now and then, but mainly I just let Unpopular sit here and take care of itself.  But last year I set a record.  In 2015, I published only one post here, and that was on January 1st!   And when I noticed that situation a few weeks ago, it was hard to believe that my memory had gone that far askew.  I had been thinking that it had been only four or five months since I had last posted here, instead of one solid year.

In the interim some of those cool sites and their proprietors with them have moved to new addresses, some have been discontinued, others no longer exist because their proprietors are no longer with us,  and the links of still other sites were always chancy from the beginning.    

Now I am faced with what is striking me as being the Herculean  task of updating that list.  What’s keeping me from doing that quickly?   --Several things.

One is the necessity of learning all over again how to do things.   That would've been hard enough if Blogger had remained the same, but meanwhile it has been revamped, maybe more than once, and that means that a lot of things can no longer be done in the ways that I have long since forgotten anyway.

  Another is going through those links to see exactly which ones still work and which ones don’t and figuring out why they don’t work, and that is going to cause extra pain, because then I will be afflicted with nostalgia for “the good old times” that are gone forever.   I will remember what those sites were into, I will remember the personalities behind them, and I will regret that things can’t still be the way that I can still vividly remember them.

A third problem is that it had already been eons since I had actively consulted any of those sites on the old list, and that means that I will have to assemble and put in a whole new list consisting of the links to the sites that I do regularly check out these days.

But probably my biggest hangup here is that also these days I tend not to do lots of little things that I should do, and that’s in addition to literally hundreds of big things that I dearly would like to tackle even if accomplishing those would be much more difficult and would take up much more of my time.   The little things would be easier to get out of the way and wouldn’t take long.   Still . . . .

I strongly resist the idea that I’ve gotten lazier as I’ve gotten older.  So what else could it be? 

  I haven’t figured that one out yet.  I will so inform you when I do – if I do!


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