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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wo Sind Frau Palin?

Where is Sarah Palin?

For a while after Donald J for Jackass Trump threw his hat into the ring, Sarah Palin, the Woman with the Inextinguishable Smile, was much in evidence as one of his biggest and earliest supporters, and there was talk that she was angling for a post in his cabinet, should he pull off this shot at the Presidency.   But here in the very last stages of the campaign, she hasn’t been heard from for a long time, and no one has said anything about her.   At least not to my noticing.

She is still alive and burbling, isn’t she?

Since she stood for absolutely nothing that I would respect, one would think that I should be rejoicing over her absence, and that I should knock on wood, lest my mention of her should result in her sudden reappearance, in a more idiotic guise than ever, sort of like one of the crazier precepts of quantum physics, which posits that a change in something or another in the whirling of an electron in an atom will bring about an identical change in the orbiting of its companion electron, even if the latter is a trillion miles away.

I will admit that I’ve been interested in Palin ever since, in 2008, John McCain brought her onto the national political stage from the frigid climes of Alaska, a state that must be packed with geniuses, since they saw enough in her to have had her as their governor at that time. McCain must have shared their keen powers of perception, when he installed her as his surprise secret weapon running mate in the campaign of that year, though that sharpness of vision must not have been available to many others, since that choice turned out to be a move that probably had more to do with his ensuing defeat than anything else, after she opened her mouth and thereby instantly revealed that there was absolutely nothing to go with that big smile and the rest of her physical appearance.

I have an uncredited picture that I found on the Internet a while ago and that shows a woman who has Sarah Palin’s easily recognizable face and smile.  If it is her it was obviously very heavily photoshopped by someone.   Nevertheless, in my expert opinion the sexual dynamic of that image is not easily surpassed by any photo of that kind.  Mainly it is a matter of how well the enhancements just south of her neck complement her eyeware.  That image beautifully backs up my longtime contention that, contrary to all popular opinion, wearing glasses definitely adds to a woman’s sexiness.  I intend to use the outline of that figure as superimposed on two other such female outlines for a stained glass piece that I have hopes of making, as soon as I can finish my current painting projects.   It will be a sure winner.   Meanwhile doing that might help me to better understand how it was possible to build up Palin's likeness to such an amazing and unforgettable extent.

But it wasn’t Palin’s physical appearance, doctored or not, that held my attention, though I did think that in real life she had done a good job of hanging on to so much of her natural pulchritude while she began to enter her fifth decade and after she had borne five children, the guiding of whom to the safe haven of sensible adulthood did not promise to be easy.   Instead I was drawn by the answers she gave to questions of any kind, outside of the bread and butter that were her deeply repugnant, conservative political beliefs.  I always found her babbling in any situation to be highly entertaining.

I’ve often wondered why this should’ve been so, and I think it must be that much earlier in my life I must’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of  people like her, who are determined that no matter what they’re asked, they are never going to be seen as being at a loss for an answer.  Instead they’re always going to respond with the first things that pop into their heads, and never mind if it doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.   Such people don’t see that as being a problem.  They see the  nonsense as being their listeners’ problem, and if they can’t untangle it, then it’s all their fault.   Meanwhile these Palinesques are perfectly happy to keep going on lolloping through life and, when caught in tight situations brought on by their own ignorance, throwing word-plaster or offal on the wall, with complete confidence that some part of it will stick. 

Otherwise, to a large number of people, Palin comes off only as being a total idiot, and I think that early in his campaign, as I believe I’ve said before in this blog, Palin and Trump hit it off so well because Trump, whose education, to my observation, is never mentioned even by his enemies and is shrouded in mystery, is well-practiced in using the same approach.

       So, what, then, has happened?

       Can it be that Palin, even hardcore regressive Sarah Palin, decided that she had had enough of sharing with Trump the Republican Jonestown Kool-Aid, as made even more lethal when he decided to lace that toxic concoction with admissions of his misogynistic attitudes, and all the revelations about his consequent sexual misbehavior came to light?   Has Palin remembered that before she was a Mama Grizzly, she was very much a woman, and she has slunk out on her own accord rather than having been pushed out of his hellish inner circle and all of his other circles as well?

       I like to think that the former was the case.

       I find it much easier to give women, any woman, the benefit of the doubt than it is for men.


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