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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Least Patriotic Man in America is . . .

By now, a mere fortnight before the outcome of the 2016 election is known for sure, the identity of The Least Patriotic Man in the U.S.A.  should be obvious even to those fresh from  near total lobotomies.  The Republican candidate for U.S. president, Donald J for “Jackass” Trump, has earned that title beyond all doubt, and one of the main ways he has shown that is in the utter contempt that he has shown for the American electoral process every step of the way.  That process has been one of the mainstays of American pride in itself, yet from the day he entered the race he has ridiculed it in every way that comes to his diseased mind.   Yet there are still millions who are too blinded by a host of afflictions to be able to see that and instead are ready to bust a gut to force his victory down American throats, at the points of guns as much as by any other means.

Unbelievable!  What hath the Republican Party wrought, through its decades of romancing the country’s most criminal political elements, from their embrace of the Dixiecrats of the 1960’s straight through the “Tea Party” and on down to the ultimate fruits of their labors, today’s Trumpistas?

I’ve already tried to remind everyone, maybe more than once, of something that I remember vividly,  though I have the impression that few others do.  Still, it doesn’t hurt anything to point it out once again.

Within days of his announcing his candidacy, this man with all his emulation of a deranged orang-utang and the hair color of such said that there was no point in having an election at all, and that instead he should simply be installed as the President without further ado.

And now, having forgotten that he had already extracted as much mileage as he could have expected from using that line, which wasn’t much, that son of a KKK sympathizer trotted it out again, just a few days ago and almost word for word, without regard for all the absurdity and profanity that time itself has heaped upon that notion, and which was no sort of a joke but was instead a gigantic insult, even – I would think – to his most faithful if not also badly misguided supporters.  I mean why, then, had they spent so much money on gas and risking their lives on madhouse interstates driving to his numerous rallies all these months, during which so far they had not seen a single one of those of the undesirable skin tints being strung up?   It was all well and good for his ego to be satisfied, but they had their blood lust to propitiate.  What otherwise had been the purpose of those gatherings of the like-minded?

       Alright.  So, in what other ways has Donald J. shown such contempt for the American electoral process that he expects to reward him so much?

       He was expected to debate Hillary Clinton three times, during which he, like she, would discuss the issues in depth.   Yet, as expected, he came prepared only to deliver any conservative throwaway lines that happened to pop into his mind, interlaced by numerous personal attacks against Ms Clinton.   And I suppose his supporters thought that was smart, since even they must have sensed that he has little to no knowledge of the complexities of today’s burning issues, in the U.S. and elsewhere, and therefore his deeply discourteous behavior toward her was the best way to hide his extreme ignorance, in addition to being his idea of being entertaining.

        So far, unlike most other if not all presidential candidates to date, he has utterly refused to release his tax returns.

        He has indicated that he will recognize the results of the voting only if he wins.  Otherwise , , , 

        He has tried to intensify the many earlier Republican initiatives to keep certain groups from voting at all, and so deny them a right that is supposed to be guaranteed in the Constitution.

       Also, so far he has made no attempt to present his case to all the  large ethnic groups that make up the American population.   Instead he has acted as if only one group really matters, and that is the one whose members look like him, snarl like him, and share his gender.  In fact he has been so dismissive in so many ways of women in general, that I don’t think he is really aware that they comprise at least half the electorate, besides being definitely the better half of the American population in general.  The much lower incidence of crime among them is more than enough to testify to that, along with many other ways.

       Meanwhile Dumbf or Trumpf or whatever his real name is seems unaware that this is 2016, not 1795, when only his guys could vote.   Is that what is meant by the dog whistle in his motto that one reads emblazoned on his baseball caps and that he intones constantly?  “Make America great again?”  

       But I would ask, how would limiting the vote and in fact asking to be chosen President in much the same way that an Austrian named A. Schickelgruber grabbed power through force and turning truth on its head in the early 1930’s in a country that he wasn’t even from make America great again?  Maybe it would for his minimum of people, but not for the great majority of Americans.

        I wonder how, a few days from now, how many voters will see that?      


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