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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Doctor Dump

As soon as they take their seat in the Oval Office in their first moments on the job, newly inaugurated U.S. Presidents are supposed to testify to their awareness of their obligation to work for the benefit of all the people in the U.S. and not for just one segment of that populace, and they are expected to declare their readiness to do just that.   I would guess that till now all of D. J. Dump’s predecessors have followed suit.   But if he tries to do the same, no matter what face he chooses to wear, his words will immediately indicate that he is riding in amidst that same cloud of lies that secured for him the post, because everyone knows that he was put there by voters all across the nation’s midriff for only one purpose, and that was to reaffirm and to enlarge the  dominance of “white” belligerents and their auxiliaries – if possible even to the dimensions that the likes of them sported as far back as the Revolutionary War, the true meaning of his battle cry, “Let’s make America great again!”

I know a couple of guys – middle-aged “white” men who live here in the Upper South -- who for the life of them cannot understand what their confreres have to be so p-ohed  about – the excuse that many slickster pundits and others use to help to whitewash the attitudes of the Dr. Dump supporters.   It seems to me, as it does to those two acquaintances, that a great many of these angry men’s kind still occupy the lion’s share of the drivers’ seats and will continue to do so for quite a long time to come, as it is all too obvious that not many of those angry sorts live in shacks or rat-infested apartments, and they have no kids with wide, dull, empty eyes and all their bones showing, and instead it is thought that quite a number of those birds can often be seen driving large, late model, and even shiny cars.

All in all, the Dr. Dump triumph was a matter of the worst half of the country scoring a close-run victory over by far the kinder, gentler, more informed, and more moral and so in general better half, the half that actually cares about others who don’t look like them, whereas the Trumpydumps only care about themselves and their status as the national bullies, with all the guns that they have purchased in such large numbers, and with the way that the thoroughly cowed and derelict national so-called “news” media is mostly on their side, and with the way that the hard-hearted and laggard criminal justice system is mostly on their side, and with the way that the robotic and idiotic police are all on their side.

The F.B.I., which is supposed to be impartial and non-political but often is not, demonstrated the last-mentioned affront to common decency, when that bureau’s ramrod, someone named J. Comey, single-handedly tilted the election against H. Clinton, when at just the right moment for him and the Republicans, he sent to Republican congressmen a vaguely worded letter about something having to do with Ms Clinton’s past emails that, instead of indicting her, could be easily seen as having nothing to do with anything, and it later proved to be just that – a whole lot of nothing.   But by then, it was too late to save Ms. Clinton and thereby by extension the U.S. and the rest of the world, and now look at the disaster of the monster that is standing over us with legs spread and is about to take down its pants and discharge all its excrement directly upon the half of this country that least deserves it, the half that yelled out to carefully blocked ears, “No, not him!  Not that vulva-grabber and constant braggart!”

("The Colossus," an 1808 painting long attributed to Goya, though lately that has been questioned.)

Wow!   We had better pray that, if there is a God,  He, She, or It will take still longer to return from the distant constellations, because if He, She, or It sees the mess that we are in now and recalls having thought that if matters in Noah’s time had been obscene enough, then . . .

Because.   Like.  You know.   Uh.  – the Big ACC -- ACCELERATED CLIMATE CHANGE!   Or at last giving the long overdue Yellowstone caldera the okay to blow again, unfair though that might be.


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