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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sad Day After

Yesterday the worst that could happen did happen.  The Republicans, headed by their grossly unfit candidate for President, Death Jockey Trump, not only retained control of both branches of the U.S. Congress but also took possession of the White House, which means that the entire U.S. government is now in their sweaty, blood-stained hands.  That includes the legislative branch, as now the Republicans can freeze the Supreme Court into a backward stance that could last for decades.  So, as I have feared and yet expected for many years, the U.S., specifically its European dominant components, followed the German example of the mid 20th century and moved close enough to the brink of outright fascism that now the fumes can be sniffed.

The Americans who voted to enable this development will rejoice in this step toward oblivion that eventually is certain to engulf even themselves, though they are far too short-sighted to be able to see  that.   But the components of the population with a higher melanin count, who are the majority of American citizens, have cause only to shudder, and none know that better than the darkest of them, because, unlike anyone else, they and their ancestors have experienced an endless series of closely spaced moments comparable to today and yesterday, over a period of four hundred (400) years or since 1620, at the hands of the same kind of people who voted Republican yesterday out of motives that amounted to little more than carefully concealed pure misogyny.

Yet despite all the discomforts and disgust that I see looming dead ahead, I rejoice in having voted D for Democratic and Decency yesterday, just as old age has caused me to be delirious with joy that in my youth I was never attracted by the prospect of looking “cool” and so to fall victim into the clearly stupid habit of deliberately drawing tobacco smoke into my lungs every few hours.  I also did not succumb to the temptation to inject alcohol into my bloodstream at the slightest provocation or suggestion.  In addition, I kept my pecker in my pants, I married only once, and I have stayed married to that same woman for 51 years, and I have never degraded myself or my country or the world by giving even as little as one second of thought to voting Republican.  Countless others are not so fortunate.


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