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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reply to an Article and Progressives with their Heads On Backwards

(After being provoked by an article titled “Trump Didn’t Win the Election, Hillary Lost It,” written by a guy named Guy T. Saperstein and that appeared on the Alternet site on 12 Nov 1016.)

This article and its title and a lot of the comments that followed thereof are truly crocks, and I don’t understand why it is featured on a site that I thought was supposed to be a rallying point for Progressives and Democrats.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, considering how much opposition to Obama I read on the parts of supposed Progressives when he was first elected, because they were enraged that he was not a member of some third party that almost invariably ends up damaging the only possible counter-weight to the Neo-Fascist party symbolized by elephants gone berserk.

I thought that, on the contrary, H. Clinton did a great job in her campaign.  If I recall correctly, she wasn’t all that crazy about entering the fray,  and after she did, she couldn’t have known what she was going to be up against in the latter stages of that campaign, when the Republicans ended up bigot-rallying behind a candidate with truly Godzilla-like proportions.  Yet, in the face of all that, she kept her cool and discussed the issues, while her seemingly illiterate opponent confined himself to stirring various pots of group-hatred.

Simple misogyny and an outdated and not widely understood method of rating the votes denied Ms Clinton the office, and that’s a terrible shame, because she should have been chosen simply because she is a woman, on the grounds that women, who preside over birth and all 18 or so of the difficult years that follow, don’t do nearly as much stupid sh-t as men do.   They can’t afford to, and that’s a cold, hard fact.

In 2000 hi-jinks put an idiot into the Oval Office, and last week racism and sexism put a lecher into the same job, and no matter what stretches are made to condemn her, Ms Clinton is neither an idiot nor a lecher.  She is a gentlewoman, just as Obama is a gentleman, and those are what American Presidents should be.


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