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Friday, November 25, 2016

Another Unsent Comment

(This time meant for a recent diary in Daily Kos, but not sent because of how diaries there tend, after just a few hours in sight, to be dropped into sinkholes in which they appear to be lost forever.   Better to leave it for an archive here, whether or not it is ever again read by anyone but me.  Allow me to keep thinking that one day posterity might glance my way, if only for an instant.  Smile!)

Whenever I read the comments that follow a diary like this, I become troubled, because those comments show that a lot of supposed progressives are no friends of the Democrats and that in fact they may be even worst enemies of Democrats than are the Republicans (unless, of course, those seeming Progressives are really trolls sent here by the dozens by the Republicans to infest this site.

I first noticed this pattern taking shape as far back as the first days following Obama’s win in 2008, not so much in Daily Kos as it was in Common Dreams -- provided that Daily Kos existed then.   I don’t know whether it did or not, but the pattern is certainly there now, and it has gotten so bad that I am sure that even if Hillary Clinton had won the College as well, she would still be under heavy progressive fire that would almost match that of the Fascists, simply because she may not have stressed an issue or two that was most vital to them.

I go back a long way, to the time when Democrats were Democrats (when they were not Dixiecrats) and so were Progressives, instead of being the closet Republicans that too many Progressives appear to be today.

As far as I can see there isn’t enough time to build up a Progressive voice strong enough to replace the Democratic Voice, and in fact very likely there aren’t enough real Progressives in existence, period.   That is shown by a lot of the comments here and in many other places as well, and it doesn’t help anything to constantly pillory the Democrats just to show how clever and even-handed and sophisticated one is, when all they are doing is serving the purposes of the Republifacists.

It’s simple.  Republicans, not Democrats, and certainly not the Clintons, are the enemies, and the burning magnifying glass should be focused on them.  No matter what one might fashionably find to taser them, it is the Democrats, not Ralph Nader or Jill Stein, that are still the last best hope before creeping Fascism finally takes hold.    


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