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Friday, November 18, 2016

Gardner's 2nd Law

(Below is a statement that I submitted yesterday, to Professor Juan Cole’s site, Informed Comment, and it was accepted and published.  It is a comment to an article he wrote, titled Neofascist Trump Appointee Bannon: “Anger is a Good thing” “if you’re Fighting to Take this Country Back”)  I regret my failure to add that I also had in mind the anger that was a major part of how the President-elect’s biggest fans were always designated.)

In reference to the title of this informative article, I long ago decided that Gardner’s 2nd Law is the truth of the matter and that anger is in fact as bad as evil gets.   That Law states that “Anger is one of the very worst traits of Homo Sapiens.  One should never do or say anything while he or she is angry, because otherwise they will find themselves indulging in acts so stupid and uncalled-for that, if the perpetrators have even just a glimmer of conscience, later they will deeply regret what they’ve done.  That will happen every time.”

I have had a lot of time to see how often that holds true, in myself and in others, and I haven’t seen much of anything that would refute that Law.   Deny it, yes, and that’s only to be expected.   But never to refute it.

And so, what sort of a future can this country have, since we are faced with an administration riding in roughshod over all common decency, especially as that relates to women and minorities,  and bearing at the sharpest point of its hell-bent prow a “strategist” who just loves rage and anger and has absolutely nothing else to offer but the destruction of all worthwhile things, such as the freedom to vote without fear of being harassed, or giving everyone equal opportunity regardless of their melanin count?


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