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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Season of Marching Orders

Whenever the U.S. Presidency changes hands, it’s always necessary and interesting to note who is getting their marching orders and in which directions, as well as also seeing who is giving them.

Till now, when it comes to instructing new Presidents, Israeli premiers have had a monopoly.   But so far it seems to me that not as much as usual has been heard from the Yahu guy, and instead it’s been the Trump Humper who has been busy issuing the orders, warnings, and threats left and right, by his words and by his choices of accomplices to accomplish the dirty work.

Or have either I or the deliberately negligent news media failed to notice?

Perhaps B. Netanyahu has been too busy trying to figure out how his efforts in Israel and Palestine might fit in with the new situation in America, since Israel serves as a model for the state in which the current President-elect would like to leave the U.S., now that suddenly and unaccountably he is slated soon to hold the levers of power in his hot, grubby little hands.

However, we should never forget that this business actually goes much farther back in time though not in place, for it involves the aspirations of the slave-holding states of America during that country’s Civil War in the 1860’s.

The state of Israel, often called “America’s 51st state,” has obviously used as its models the twin entities, first, of the now vanished “Nationalist Socialist” state that characterized Germany in the mid-20th century and second,  the form that the losers of the American Civil War would have assumed in the mid-19th century if they hadn’t been chased out of Richmond, Virginia before they could establish the entity that they would have called “the Confederate states of America” and which would have been located in the bottom parts of what is now again uneasily called “the United States of America.”     

It is strange how in such ways Israel has become a paradox like no other.   Yet people treat it much as they do the Sun, as if to look directly at it would burn out their rods and cones forever, without realizing that they are already blind.  There is no other way to explain the general failure to recognize that Israel is today the world’s leading example of a fascist state, albeit a half-assed one and even though its citizens claim to be the direct descendants of a large and much more distinguished group that was almost wiped out through the use of mass shootings and gas chambers by one of several countries that indulged in fascism all at much the same time, in the mid-20th century.   Of those,  only the Germans are much remembered and reviled for having done so, because, being by nature more thorough-going about everything they undertake than are Italians, the Spanish, and now, we dare to hope, the Israelis, the Germans carried the whole through to its ultimate end – including promptly receiving their just desserts of reaping the whirlwinds.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the lot of the Palestinians, who are suffering in the role that was once tragically borne by Jewish people in preceding days, and by American slaves imported from Africa and by numerous tribesmen that were already in the New World, all that is generally available to us is hope, since in his drive to ethnically clear the West Bank of its rightful proprietors, Netanyahu has a gigantic patron that he and his cohorts can always implicitly depend on.  This is especially true since he has set into stone so deeply and permanently his practice of journeying to see every newly elected U.S. President without fail, and there to issue to that individual his marching orders, usually in the forms of backing up all of Israel’s threats to its neighbors, militarily as well as by voting the right way against U.N. resolutions, and, by the way, also by keeping those big checks flowing to all those offices in what can now only be sadly called “the Unholy Land.”


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