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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nuclear Nutcase and Suitcase

Having had quite a long time to cogitate on these things (3 days ago I hit 86), I have seen nuclear weapons as being little more than a means by which small nations as well as big ones could beat themselves on the chest gorilla-style while yowling at each other without risk of having their bluffs called.   But now that too large a proportion of the U.S. "white" population has let sheer racial hatred get the better of them and they have put into the Oval Office a creature much more terrifying than any gorilla, i.e. a human gone berserk with power, all bets are off – except one.   That one bet, that one hope is that the U.S. military has long since seen the need to quietly but thoroughly disable the button in the legendary nuclear suitcase that U.S. Presidents are thought to have available at all times.    If the military hasn't done that by now, then they are all traitors of the worst kind, to the U.S., and, even more, to the entire planet, since the planet counts for much, much more than do the political considerations of any number of self-absorbed nation-states.

On the other hand, however, what makes me think that the military would act any more responsibly in this matter than would the Executive or any other branch of the Government?   Am I hoping for a coup, or something of that nature?   --Not really, though that would be interesting.  Everything that is bad news for T. Rump is good news for this country.


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