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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friedman on Israel

One gets the distinct feeling that Angry Arab seized on the very first sentence of T. Friedman's article in the NYTimes titled "Israel: Adrift at Sea Alone,"  and felt no need to read any farther.   That sentence goes: "I've never been more worried about Israel''s future."  To which Angry responded along the lines of "What future?   Israel has no future," and that was all.

Too bad, because I thought that all in all the article was largely right on the money, save for a few small lapses, such as saying that the aid flotilla that the Israeli commandos boarded and killed 10 of the mostly Turkish aid-bringers, mostly by shooting them in the back, had to be stopped because they were attempting to make a "reckless landing."  So any acts that people perform in a good cause is reckless just because the wrongdoers make it dangerous?

Tell that to the Russians who at terrific cost to themselves stopped the German juggernaut during the Second World War and eventually pushed them back far enough to free the few that remained of the Jews and other prisoners in the Nazi death camps.  Or. to bring it much closer to home, meaning these days, the protesters in Syria and Yemen, who, striving to change their countries' ruling regimes peacefully, are being shot down in huge numbers by their own military.   To go out daily to demonstrate nevertheless may be reckless but also it's going down in the annals as almost incomparable in the pursuit of human betterment.


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