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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sanctions Against the Iranian Bomb

I have asked this question many times in the past but have never received an answer that makes any sense whatsoever.  You will look in vain for a clearcut explanation  by the media or the various governments.   Instead they all act as if it is a complete given that Iran should not be allowed to get such a bomb, period, end of story, with no clarification of any kind being needed or desired.

     But knowing that I have no chance of getting an answer now either, nevertheless I will ask it again.

     All five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council  have been sitting on huge stocks of those same weapons for years and even generations, and the most adamant of those nations actually used two such bombs to murder a gigantic number of Japanese civilians not long ago, relatively speaking, in 1945.   So the question is: what is it about iran that those nations can have the Bomb but Iran can't?  Al five -- the U.S., China, Russia, Britain, and France, plus countries that are weighing in heavily on the matter, such as Germany and Israel -- have black marks against them in the past of severities that can't be placed against any government of Iran, past or present.

What is the reason for this massive display of international necks being bent so out of shape?   Nothing reasonable can explain it.

It's true that Iran should be grateful for this attempt to keep it from bankrupting and ultimately poisoning itself by having such armament on hand.  But if they want to join the Big Baddies in the world in being so insane, it's their right to do so.   But you would think that the biggest countries in the world avoid looking like such dummies, in pushing the current U.N. resolution that would put sanctions against Iran because of a bomb that it doesn't even have. 

Besides being unfair in the extreme, that's totally nutty, and I don't ger it.


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