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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"The Earth is for Everyone"

I am still trying to get an idea of what people mean when with such scorn and rage they spit out the words, "Illegal immigrants."   It's possible that even they couldn't say what they mean.

But they would say, "Fool!   The answer is self-explanatory in the terms.  It means people indulging in immigration here that's against the law.  It couldn't be clearer."

I could then ask, "What law?   Who made this law?"

And the answer that sounds so convincing to those who are so contemptuous of what they call "illegal immigrants" is: "Those laws have been made by the people who were already living here, of course.   Those who were born here and have made this country what it is -- they're the ones that made these laws, and with every justification in the world, too!"

   "But isn't 'illegal immigration' only what is in the eye of the beholder?' I then could ask.  "What if these laws were made by people whose forerunners, often of only a generation or two ago, were seen as being the undesirable or "illegal immigrants" of their time, which is sure to be the case?   This must mean in your mind, then, that the passage of time alone suffices to change the illegal to the legal, or the reverse."

     "Dissembling and quibbling.   That's all that a view of things like that is.   And it's an idea that's not popular in this day and time at all.   So you'd better get off it, dummy, if you know what's good for you."

     "All I know is that the Earth is for everyone."

     "Exactly.  And so that means that everybody should stay strictly in their own parts of it."

     "No, it means instead that all parts of it should be available to everyone.   You want to bar people from coming here to seek jobs.  But then you turn around and think that you have every right to buy and live in a nice hacienda for as long as you like, deep in the country from where they came, with the people that are still there waiting on you hand and foot.  You see no inconsistency in that?"

      "I don't have to be consistent.   I just have to be right, and my kind of people, who think as I do, rule.  So go back to wherever you came from yourself, while you're at it."

       "I came from everywhere, and so did you."

       "My god!"



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