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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Define "Illegal Immigtrants"

What makes an immigrant to the U.S. illegal?   Skin Color?

Must be ...along with certain tastes in food and in music, but most important of all -- not being of European stock, preferably Northern Europe.   But as with everything involving the crime of racism, which is more accurately called "groupism," there is always far too much general dishonesty in the U.S. for the great majority of its citizens to bring themselves to say so.

All the same, it should be pointed out that to date all those so-called illegal immigrants of today, all of them hailing from south of the border, usually only have one goal in mind, and that is to get some prospects in employment that are more promising than what is available to them at home.   But not yet has there been one report of any of them banding together and using "low-riders" to fan out over the U.S. countryside to commit acts on the order of shooting the ranchers and farmers and taking over their lands.

This is in huge and marked contrast to all those illegal immigrants of yesteryear, who sailed out from Europe, fanned out over the whole of the western hemisphere, as they did also in Africa,  killed as many of those continents' original inhabitants as they pleased, and took over those domains en masse, in the name of many things but actually just pure avarice, and glorified themselves by giving themselves specious names like "settlers" and "pioneers," when in reality they were little more than numerous hordes of thieves and murderers, who had left their consciences behind in the darknesses of places just a little beyond cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Berlin, and Dublin..

History should be asked to call that kind of process "illegal immigration" instead.   But it won't just yet, because the same kind of thing, given "legality" only by superior military force instead of by ordinary decency and watched over by powerful and solicitous guardians, is still going on in several places in the world, most notably in and around Tibet, and in and around Jerusalem.



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