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Monday, April 19, 2010

If Not for the Wind Direction

While deeply sympathetic with the airlines bleeding profuse amounts of much-needed money and with the legions who have been stranded in foreign countries or are otherwise badly affected by the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano that has crippled air travel over Europe, we in the U.S. are blessed in one respect at least, by the way that the cloud has mostly drifted eastward instead of west and south straight in this direction. If not for that, those on the nether, rightwing end of the political spectrum in the U.S., who continue to work themselves up into more and more of a lather over the presence of a President with recent roots in Africa, would be laying the blame for the eruption squarely at the feet of B. Obama.

As the Righties, Partiers, Foxheads, et. al. give all signs of being generally illiterate anyway, they may not yet have heard of the eruption. Or they can't count on those whose minds they keep trying to subvert having heard of it. But we can be sure that those who are aware of the event, and who have likewise shoved all rationality aside long ago, are feverishly looking for ways to make hurlable mud out of what is still being ejected out of the bowels of the earth at a place called Mt. Eyjafjallajoekull, instead of at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W., in D.C.

Maybe the cloud will circle the globe and get here anyway. Even if we get just the tiniest whispers of the ash, we can be sure that that will send these gargoyles screaming up from their perches in utter fury regardless. Every else does.


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are you gonna try to mack more

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